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About Us
Parallel Minds is a Houston (USA) and Pune (India) based technology solutions and services provider company empowering enteprises and start-ups. We are domain agnostic. Over the period, we have been solving problems and delivering solutions in various domains. We work with clients assisting them to transform and realize their digital strategies. Parallel Minds team is always learning - live and listening while striving to accomplish your business goals. Our team is passionate and agile and comes with excellent mix of technology evangelists, business analysts, HFI certified user eXperience designers, usability analysts, cross-trained technically sound developers and testers. Our inspiring, creative and transparent culture keeps the team members empowered and active and they provide clients with an exceptional value added and trustworthy experience.

We engage with customers by conducting friendly talk / chat sessions. We then get in to lightly loaded discovery sessions. We prepare product backlogs. We ideate using white boards - mind maps - user journeys - information architecture. We progress in to a, formal User eXperience design process. We assist in competition analysis and present facts. We bring out best USAP's - unique selling and adoption points from an idea the customer is trying to build. We assist in defining MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and defining the roadmap. We team-up-together - spice-it-up - set the stage for ensuring success of the start-up or an enterprise initiative!
We have customers from USA, Norway, UK, Israel, Kenya, Germany, Oman, India, Singapore and Australia. World is talking to us !

let the Digital transformation journey begin....

Parallel Minds is bunch of technology evangelists and solutioning enthusiast. We enjoy working in start-up mode as equally as in a formal enterprise mode. Working with start-ups poses us exciting challenges and keeps us superbly active. That surge of starting from nothing more than an idea to ideate further to take it to a level of fruition is an awesome journey.
    Domains we served so far
  • Oil and Gas - Off Shore and On Shore
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial automation
  • Automobile
  • Real estate
  • Hospitality and loyalty
  • Music and entertainment
  • Building information management
  • Government eServices
  • Printing Press Process flow
  • MLM
    Solutions we delivered so far
  • Enterprise custom software; integrated desktop-mobile-web
  • ECM - Enterprise Content Management
  • BPA - Business Process Automation - collaboration & workflows
  • Enterprise mobile applications
  • SaaS solutions to small - medium and fortune enterprises
  • IoTA - Internet Of Things and Analytics
  • AR - Augmented reality on Realwear / Hololens
  • DL - Deep learning algorithms
  • Drones
  • Block Chain
    Technologies and tools we used so far
  • Microsoft .NET - Xamarin Forms - Micro Services - Azure - AWS
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013-2016-O365-Power Apps
  • Microsoft Project Server - Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Xamarin Forms, ObjC Java C# for iOS-Android-UWP
  • ASP.Net MVC-AngularJS-ReactJS-HTML5-JQuery-Bootstrap-MaterialUI-NodeJS
  • OWIN - Open Web Interface for .Net, AWS IoTA, Azure IoTA
  • ARToolKit-Vuforia
  • DL-Tensorflow-Matlab
  • Java-PhP-WebAPI
  • Block Chain - Azure, Ethereum Corda

We deliver end-to-end ideation to realization and complete ALM services covering Discovery > User eXperience > Visual Design > System Solutioning > Architecting and Designing > Agile development process and build automation > Software testing > Quality assuarance > Deployment, maintenence and support.


We have a mix of young and senior leadership ! Management brings experience from product development and enterprise services and R&D background.

Parag Bihade

Started Parallel Minds India with Pratap Shukla in year 2008-2009

Started Parallel Minds USA in year 2016

17+ years of hardcore enterprise software development experience

Email: Parag.Bihade@ParallelMinds.In

Mechanical Engineering from GCOE Amravati

ex-TCS, ex-SIEMENS PLM, ex-Tech Mahindra

Kirti Bihade

Director - R&D and Academic Collaboration
Joined Parallel Minds in year 2013

10+ years of hardcore academic experience

Email: Kirti.Bihade@ParallelMinds.In

Electronics & Telecom Engineering from GCOE Amravati

M.E from Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune

Pursuing Ph.D from Department of Tech at University of Pune

Ramesh Bihade

Executive Director - Finance
Joined Parallel Minds in year 2014-15

30+ years of Banking and Finance experience, retired from State Bank of India in 2013

ex-State Bank of India

Rahul Sontake

VP - Engineering
Joined Parallel Minds in 2015-16

22+ years of enterprise software dev and IT infra experience

Electronics Engineer from SCOE, Shegaon

Email: Rahul.Sontake@ParallelMinds.In
ex-Wipro, 17+ years in Wipro heading Global delivery

Madhav Didolkar

Director - Business Development
Joined Parallel Minds in 2016-17

14+ years of experience in International business development

Bachelor of Commerce from Amravati University

Email: Madhav.Didolkar@ParallelMinds.In


Madhura Deshak

Head - Enterprise Mobile Services
Joined Parallel Minds in 2016-17

14+ years of enterprise software dev experience

MCS from University of Pune

Email: Madhura.Deshak@ParallelMinds.In
ex-Taraspan, ex-Telesoft

Unmesh Ballal

Senior Technology Evangelist / Architect
Joined Parallel Minds in 2013-14

22+ years of enterprise software dev and QA experience

Computer Science Engineer from PICT, Pune | EGPM from IIM Bangalore, EPHRM from IIM Calcutta , MS (credits) from University of Columbia

Email: Unmesh.Ballal@ParallelMinds.In
ex-Oracle USA, ex-IBM USA, ex-Persistent India

Sam Yadav

Head - Quality Assuarance Services
Joined Parallel Minds in 2013-14

22+ years of Oil and Gas domain and enterprise software dev and QA experience

Mechanical Engineer from MS University, Baroda

Email: Sambhaji.Yadav@ParallelMinds.In
ex-GNVFC, ex-Cybersoft

Arvind Mishra

Finance Controller
Joined Parallel Minds in 2013-14

14+ years of Business accounting - Audit & Finance control experience

PGDBM MIT, Bachelor of Commerce from University of Pune

Email: Arvind.Mishra@ParallelMinds.In
ex-PGroup, ex-m-hance

Advisory and Mentors

Manohar Hotchandani

International Alliances & Business Development
25+ years of IT industry experience,

ex-Director / Partner @ Microsoft

Sanjay Jagtap

International Alliances & Business Development
25 +years of IT Legal and CS experience

ex-Legal Head and CS @ Cummins India

Sanjay Tapas

Alliances & India Business Development
25 +years of enterprise software & ODC experience

ex-Delivery Head @ Wipro

Engagement Models

Dedicated Development Center
This is the most preferred model by our clients, this model is also known as Offshore Development Center (ODC) or Dedicated Development team (DDT). This is an extension to client’s software development team who is mainly looking for a long term gain. Parallel Minds has mainly been offering dedicated team to our clients. We offer team of various sizes from software developer, QA, Project manager based on client needs. If your company is considering the option of outsourcing the development of a software solution or is looking for dedicated software developers to complement an existing team, creating an offshore development center with Parallel Minds will not only save you money but also ensure the timely and successful delivery of project.

You are free to choose your team by interviewing them or taking a competence test. The dedicated team works under your complete control. We provide all other infrastructure like workspace, furniture, computer systems, consumables, uninterrupted power supply and high-speed internet connectivity. Any specific hardware or 3rd party software required for your project will have to be borne by you. We strictly adhere to clients' business critical objectives while mutually considering the ideas, design validations, development processes, test plans and schedules for implementing the project under consideration. All software professionals in the dedicated team work under your instruction and are directly accessible by email, instant messenger and phone, anytime you need them. The dedicated team will be available to you at a fixed fees per person per month.

Fixed price (Project Based)
In this model, we offer to execute a software project at a fixed price. This model is generally followed where the project specifications are clearly defined in terms of their requirements, schedules and project path. Ideally, the client has a well-defined SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) document and has defined all other details like technology platforms, database model, software architecture and other required technical aspects. We undertake such projects with a fixed price quote and deliver them in due time with best quality.

Occasionally, a fixed-price project may require additional programming work due to change or addition in scope during the development phase. Under such circumstances, it is possible to revise the fixed-price based on the new scope of project or continue development within the scope & fixed price and then switch to another model such as hourly charges model.

Time and Material Model
This model is suitable for projects, which, are in their initial stage of development where specifications have not yet been clearly defined. Through the Time & Material Business Model, Parallel Minds offers its clients the flexibility to alter specifications based on upcoming market trends. Under this model, you pay as per use of the hourly development efforts. Under this mode we define the business model and work hand in hand with our client for execution of end-to-end project.

The development life cycle is controlled by client inputs and direction. There are no hidden charges or any other additional costs involved. This provides you complete independence and flexibility to get the project developed end-to-end as per your budget provisions. Parallel Minds provide provides knowledgeable, skilled, motivated, energetic and competent consultants who work seamlessly as part of client teams to provide quality solutions. Before any such project begins, we provide you the effort estimates, project timeline, material/resource estimates and other vital figures to help you decide on financials.