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Businesses grow to a level when it’s no longer able to manage business using spread sheets and emails flowing back and forth. Increased chances of human errors and the delays in appropriate decision making affects the business and efficiency. Parallel Minds provides business forms and workflow automation solutions (web and mobile) for a perfect visualization of everything you do; shortening cycle times - improving transparency & increasing flexibility. Value Stream Mapping is a lean-management method for analyzing the current state and designing a future state for the series of events that take a product or service from its beginning through to the customer. To implement observations after VSM, we need tools and technologies to automate / improve the process. Business Forms and workflow automation solutions (web and mobile) automates business process.

Businesses perform several tasks everyday. Right from internal communication to external communication with vendors and customers; generating and sending reports; capturing and sharing vital information; performing sales and marketing obligations; creating and saving vital documents; ensuring all compliances; managing finances etc. The list of tasks is endless. It is imperative that most of the tasks be automated and put in a work-flow to simplify the task and ensure improved process and overall business efficiency.
Parallel Minds a formerly Microsoft Gold Partner with solid competency in SharePoint platform. SharePoint is a fully customizable Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration platform which is available in on-premise mode as well in cloud mode under Office 365.
With improved collaboration with various stakeholders of your business, suppliers, vendors and colleagues, users and customers benefit from multiple levels of sharing. The collected data enable auditing and reporting to enable advanced analysis and facilitate management for taking decisions.

Parallel Minds also provides services to design and develop enterprise mobile apps empowering enterprise users with solutions to track and participate in workflows as well submit and track self service requests like leave - travel- reimbursement etc. We strongly recommend Microsoft SharePoint platform for automating business process and implementing workflows!

Parallel Minds - Business Process Automation services
  • VSM - value stream mapping services
  • Line of business application integration services
  • Business process automation services
  • Realtime Data monitoring, control and audit solutions
  • Business Intelligence and Dashboards solutions and services
Parallel Minds SharePoint services
  • SharePoint farm planning - capacity sizing & deployment
  • HA-High Availability & Non-HA farm deployment
  • Migration from SharePoint 2007 to 2016 or O365
  • Custom workflows (sequential / state machine) development
  • Power apps / SharePoint Apps / Mobile apps development
Parallel Minds SharePoint services
  • SharePoint Branding - visual deisgn and HTMLisation
  • SharePoint based HRMS development (Appraisal Automation)
  • SharePoint based Learning Management system
  • SharePoint based (multi-linbgual) Intranet portal
  • SharPoint BI / Dashboarding development
Business optimization is a step towards digital transformation and it starts when the business workflow is automated and there is more reliance on the secure and reliable technology like SharePoint that is able to scale. Solutions developed on SharePoint, provide more advanced digital transformation benefits. Back-end data is stored in database and REST or Web service API are consumable from mobile apps. We highly recommend SharePoint to all our SME and enterprise customers. Let the process automation and digital transformation journey begin!
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