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With availability of numerous mobile devices and a competent mobile computing landscape and the availability of high speed internet, smart phones usage has surpassed that of desktop PCs and laptops. Due to the extensive and easy accessibility, mobile apps are redefining business.

At Parallel Minds - we understand the need to create adoptable - beautiful and sustainable mobile solutions that transform your customer relationships and enables business processes by bringing enterprise data and systems to mobile. We build applications in native (iOS, Android and UWP) and cross-platform mode, that are built for performance and security. Digital transformation is the key and embracing mobile solutions is mandatory in journey towards digital excellence. Parallel Minds has helped clients in Oil and Gas and Manufacturing industry with efficient business-critical mobile apps. These enterprise apps are designed considering a global audience and deployed on Xamarin platform. We have proven track record to develop and deploy apps on Xamarin platform.
Xamarin offers development platform which is user-friendly - cost-effective - cross platform-development - reliable & fast. The codebase is shared between iOS, Android and Windows. It saves around 30-40% of development cost against native mode of development for each mobile platform. Xamarin platform offers accelerated development process & reduced time to market; helps businesses to get the most from their mobile channel investments.
Parallel Minds has proven expertise in integrating the mobile apps with social networks and cloud services like Azure and Amazon. The mobile solutions which we develop generally consume web services to interact with cloud storage and other third party solutions or platforms or other line of business solutions on cloud or on premise in an enterprise. Solutions can also be programmed to interact with ESB - enterprise service bus with standard data exchange formats for easy data transfer across applications. Most of the mobile solutions need offline support ( no internet ) and have data and state synchronization techniques programmed.

In addition to solutions built for automating enterprise business processes- we also build solutions in IoTA - Internet of Things and Analytics and AR - Augmented Reality space.

Mobile applications benefits to enterprise
  • Brings in staff accountability
  • Shortens sales cycle
  • Improves business process efficiency
  • Speeds up transactions
Parallel Minds steps for your mobility transformation
  1. Team conducts formal discovery and produces process improvement report
  2. Team engages with users from various departments in an organization
  3. Technical analysts + UX & Usability analysts ideate mobile solution (s)
  4. UX team designs user journeys, task flows & information architecture
  5. Team presents hand sketches - wireframes / mockups
  6. Design team creates visual designs based on branding & marketing guidelines
  7. BA team creates amp; maintains product backlog (feature list)
  8. BA team Identifies MVP - Minimum Viable Product
  1. ALM team picks user stories and creates sprints and iteratoin plan for implementing MVP
  2. Analysts plan interaction with LOB on-premise / cloud solutions or ESB's
  3. Team applies & implements mobile data security
  4. QA team performs tests and ensures stablity of the app
  5. Social team integrates insights
  6. Deployment team releases beta using Hockey app distribution mechanism
  7. Team monitors app insights and improves user experience
  8. Business launches the app in enterprise or public app store
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