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User eXperience and User Interface Design is about having best possible experience when using websites, software and mobile applications. We at Parallel Minds, create exceptional user experiences by applying information architecture, interaction design, user interface design and visual design approaches and methods. (UX) User eXperience and (VD) Visual design is the most crucial aspect in making an application successful! Wrongly designed user interface and unthoughtful visual design can hamper acceptance of the solution and adoption might fail.

Our HFI certified UX and Usability analysts at Parallel Minds practice UCD - user centric design methodology. At the heart of user experience and design, is the fact that, the end users must be able to find the information they are looking for and that too should be able to find it fast; This means - the website or the application needs to be well-organized and consistent, intuitive and reflective of key objectives. Visual design is more than just “look and feel” as it also gives a face to the brand and builds an emotional connection. Good visual design ensures proper communication of ideas and functions to the user.

Parallel Minds visual designers have a broad understanding of business environments. We listen to your needs and come up with creative solutions. Our solutions establishes an understanding of the purpose ensuring that the meaning of your solution is conveyed to the end user. Parallel Minds design and analysis team does a lot of domain research because true innovation requires more than just an idea, it require's deep insights, collaboration and processes that delights customers and end users.
UX in Parallel Minds is an integral part of the SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle.
Responsive web design and combination of fluid UI and other grids, tables, images and media types with superior layout creates amazing experience on web applications.
Bootstrap - Angular - jQuery - React & and other layout standards and scripts empower the expereience. Before visual designs, we create high fidelity wireframes using Axure Pro
Parallel Minds has proven track record of working with global clientele. We ensure to apply localized context on international projects that ensures proper knowledge sharing and best practices. Team at Parallel Minds practice UCD - user centric design methodology.

UCD cycle consists of following UCD-5S milestones

Strategy definition
  • Target user type and age identification
  • Application design deliberation and definition
  • Application usability goal definition
Scope identification
  • User mental model analysis
  • Persona identification
  • Data gathering scenario
  • User journeys and task analysys
Structure definition
  • Application user task model definition
  • Information architecture definition
  • Task flow diagrams
  • Navigation and menu structure definition
Skeleton definition
  • Screen layout and controls placement
  • Hand sketching
  • Low fidelity wire frames creation
  • Content development
  • Interactive wireframes finalisation
  • User testing
Surface implementation
  • Visual design and presentation
  • Branding specs definition
  • Assets creation
  • Implementation support
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